The Internet Computer Blockchain’s Privacy Advantages


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It makes me wonder how long it’s going to take before the world wakes up to what Dfinity have achieved with the IC. It’s like everyone is pretending that the IC doesn’t exist. Such a strange situation.


This article was written with a clarity that comes from deep expertise and confidence in the technology. The less one understands, the more obfuscated their explanations. Articles like this are rare in the blockchain space.

As an aside, I realized after reading this that collecting analytics about users is intentionally more challenging on IC canisters than in web2. For example, in my mobile app I’d like to count the number of times users visit certain screens (that fetch different data) in order to better understand how users interact with my dapp. I’d probably need two calls then: a query for quick data fetching and an update for incrementing some analytics counter in the canister backend.

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