Question about anonymity/privacy on the Internet Computer

Right now I can browse the internet without having to log in anywhere. Yes I can be tracked (and use more secure browsers and VPN to counteract that a bit) but at least the notion of some kind of privacy exists.

What if the Internet Computer is the ONLY global system. Will ‘anonymous’ browsing/using still be supported or will any usage automatically force me to identify myself wherever I go?

What are current provisions for such ‘semi-anonymous’ usage? What are the plans for the future?


Got no response so far… Would love to hear what the plan is. Thank you!

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Well, you do stay anonymous for most read-only activities, just like plain old internet.

Even for write operation where you need to identify yourself, the public key is the only thing you reveal, not who you are in reality.

That’s not a plan, it’s the current state of IC.

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I think @RichHope’s point is that even for read-only activities, trackers, browser user agents, cookies, etc. can be used to deanonymize a user, to various extents, and he wonders what that is like on IC.

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