Tendys on the sns: post Dogmi beg for the rude chicken


TENDY token, while it has little volume and Ill repute, is a serious ecosystem token which has migrated across standards, is about to release a new dapp, and basicly is known in the ecosystem.

Considering Dogmi will now be in the nns, I would like to propose to add TENDY token to the sns. The proposal will come in a couple days.

Tendys is listed on:

Tendys has a swap dapp which let users swap TENDYx for tendys ICRCs (sneed fork)

Tendys migrated from Dip20 to icrc1

Tendys development team Bitcorn labs has its own repertoire of development and documentation.

We had fire memes.

Ok so let’s discuss tendys on the nns. 0 Icp requested. Just let users move their icrc1 tendys to the nns. No token swap no nothing.

(We will frontrun windoge)


How do the tendy taste tho? What flavor can I get with my tendy?

Spicy pee was an available flavor for Dip20 tendys but that has long since passed