Telegram channel

Guys the telegram channel is out of control. You should appoint some active admins (could be community members) and get rid of all the price speculations. Would give a more serious image for new investors.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

The main group is certainly a torrent of discussion; everyone is working hard to help out in there with the community’s questions! If you’d prefer a slower pace with a technical focus there is a telegram developer group instead, you’d be very welcome:

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Thanks, will check out that one. I don’t mind the speculations and the torrent of discussion. I just think price discussions could be moved to a community channel that is not directly associated with Dfinity. But thats just my preferances and maybe Dfinity like it the way it is.

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The price talk would be better in other channels I agree, it’s great to see staking and governance participation questions coming through though—and everyone helping each other out with these too.