Technical Working Group: Inter-canister Event Utility Working Group

Recorded Meeting:

  1. Members and Roles Update: The role list was discussed and ratified through a vote. Members were encouraged to express if they were unhappy with their roles for possible changes.
  2. Derived Principals Meeting Update: An update was provided on a meeting with Frederick from the Divinity team regarding signing transactions using the certified data system. There’s ongoing work to streamline the invocation of derived canister principles without a loopback step, which is still in the phase of use case collection for prioritization.
  3. Votes: The meeting reviewed open issues requiring votes and checked the status of votes on various GitHub issues related to the ICEvents Working Group.
  4. Ilia’s Client Work: Ilia shared updates on client work involving data types. There was a discussion on a simple client for combining subscription and publication functionalities, which led to suggestions for enhancing event data handling.
  5. Issue Discussions:
  • ICRC for Allow Lists: Discussion on developing standards for composable allow lists and roles, possibly leading to an ICRC proposal.
  • CBOR: Debate on whether to standardize the binary encoding of message data, with suggestions leaning towards providing type hints for blob data.
  • Value vs. ICRC16: Briefly mentioned but not detailed in the summary.
  1. Administrative Topics: The meeting touched on the importance of ensuring effective management of updates to role lists and subscriptions, along with the need for efficient mechanisms for canisters to authenticate roles and permissions dynamically.

Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting: ICEventsWG/Meetings/20240508/ at main · icdevs/ICEventsWG · GitHub

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@skilesare apologies for the late notice, I dropped the following in our OpenChat WG channel about twenty minutes ago…

Hi all, just letting you know I won’t be able to attend the meeting this week :confused:
@afat do you mind if we hold off on review & discussion of the binary content encoding topic? I am prepping for a trip to Zurich next week to attend the ICP Lab for Node Providers so I will have something concrete to add to the draft doc sometime early next week.

Last Week’s Meeting:


Matt H

Agenda Topics Covered:

  1. Lachlan’s CBOR Update:

    • Lachlan was not present as he was visiting the ICP lab for hosts. Updates are expected in the next meeting.
  2. Ilia’s Client Update:

    • Ilia has created a new pull request (PR) with a draft for the client updates, asking for feedback and comments before merging to ensure that the wildcards and client functionalities are discussed and properly integrated.
  3. Austin’s Allow List Update:

    • Austin shared progress on creating a minimum membership standard that could be useful for managing permissions and memberships in various configurations. This draft is still in its early stages, and feedback will be essential as it develops.
  4. Votes:

    • The discussion touched upon the necessity of managing token issuance and ensuring that contributions are properly accounted for. Participants were encouraged to report their hours worked.
  5. Issue Discussion:

    • Several issues were discussed with particular focus on the use of wildcards in subscriptions, and how they might affect the system technically, leading to potential scalability concerns. The idea of using tokens to manage cycle payments for broad subscriptions was considered.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Client Functionalities and PR Reviews: The team emphasized the importance of reviewing Ilia’s proposed changes to client functionalities, especially how wildcards could be implemented for subscriptions. The use of GitHub’s PR review system was encouraged for more effective collaboration.

  • Handling Wildcards in Subscriptions: There was a significant discussion about the technical challenges and potential system overloads that could result from wildcard subscriptions. The consensus leaned towards allowing wildcards at a high level but with clear warnings about the possible technical implications.


  • Membership and Allow Lists: Austin’s update on developing a standard for allow lists and membership management could be crucial for future administrative ease across various applications. The idea of integrating some form of token or JWT to verify memberships without continuous checks was intriguing but requires more exploration.

  • Confirmation Response Types: The team debated what data should be included in confirmation responses from broadcasters to subscribers. A simple confirmation without metadata was preferred to maintain system efficiency, although the idea of providing subscription limits was floated to help subscribers manage their message intake better.

  • ICRC-16: General consensus to use it, but need to break out an library.

  • Future Plans and Action Items: The team planned to further develop the drafts and ideas presented, with specific action items assigned for reviewing and refining the proposed standards and functionalities. This includes revisiting some of the open GitHub issues and preparing for detailed discussions in the next meeting.

This meeting focused heavily on discussing technical implementations and future standards, with a collaborative approach to refining the proposals through community feedback and thorough review processes.

Tomorrow’s Agenda: ICEventsWG/Meetings/20240515/ at main · icdevs/ICEventsWG · GitHub