Technical Working Group: Governance

Hi all,

I just participated in a great session of the governance working group and would like to share my key take-aways:

Discussion on proposal for Ethos

  • Many kudos to @aiv & @Arthur for preparing today’s session very well in a preceding sub-group, providing a concrete write-up ! This made the meeting very efficient and focused.
  • Ethos is meant to provide decision-making principles which should be approved by the NNS.These principles (the interpretation of which may differ) are not enforceable.
  • The principles could be used to communicate to new-joiners how the platform intends to evolve.
  • There was a discussion on concrete suggestions for these principles, e.g. mutability vs immutability of the tokenomics of the system (with varying opinions in the room).
  • We also discussed the trade-offs between formulating soft principles vs concrete tech-based suggestions to the protocol.

My (not DFINITY’s) initial thoughts on this

  • I very much like that principles could be used to explain to outsiders how the community ticks and how the NNS/IC could evolve.
  • I could imagine that these kinds of principles could also be formulated by known neurons, facilitating the choice of whom to follow. In particular we could also have a competition of contrasting principles. This would also require that we foster a much more active process for choosing known neurons.
  • With respect to turning Ethos into a proposal: In my opinion we should try to clarify beforehand what is in scope of being a NNS proposal. I am personally in favor of a narrow scope, where NNS proposals are about concrete changes to the NNS protocol (or at least motion-like intentions on introducing certain features). From that perspective, guiding principles would not be in scope of NNS voting.

Future process of the governance working group

  • Kudos to @lastmjs for preparing and presenting this point well!
  • It is suggested to follow the following open process.
    • Governance working group meetings are scheduled ad-hoc.
    • Sub-groups review a particular topic and prepare a concrete suggestion.
    • The according lead(s) of a sub-group propose a slot (day & time) for the next governance working group.
    • For documentation sharing, we will experiment with using google docs and github and subgroups will pick what works best for them.