Technical Working Group DeAI

Thank you for this week’s session (2024.02.08)! Big thanks to @apotheosis who shared all his expertise on zkML and opML with us, and @branbuilder who talked about ELNA’s vector db implementation :slightly_smiling_face: this is the generated summary (short version, link to a very long one below):
The group’s discussion on Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and optimistic AI/ML on the Internet Computer (IC) highlighted the technology’s potential for privacy and scalability in decentralized AI systems. ZKPs, particularly beneficial for privacy-preserving applications, allow for verifying data or computations without revealing underlying information. The IC’s architecture is well-suited for ZKPs, offering advantages over platforms like Ethereum by facilitating on-chain storage and verification of proofs. The conversation also explored the challenges of deploying AI and ML models on the IC, such as the need for specialized GPU support and the limitations of WebAssembly for large AI models. Practical applications of ZKPs for AI on the IC were discussed, including privacy-preserving AI models and verifiable computation. The group acknowledged the technical challenges in implementing ZKPs but noted recent advancements that have improved efficiency. The discussion transitioned to vector databases on the IC, focusing on development efforts and the potential for scalable architectures to support AI applications. Enhancements in GPU support and increased instruction limits were identified as crucial for the performance of vector DBs on the IC. Participants expressed interest in sharing developments and collaborating on vector DB implementations.

Please find the detailed summary here: 2024.02.08_ICDeAITWG_CallSummary - Google Docs