ArcMind AI - Autonomous AI Agent and Vector DB

Hello @kinwo and it is great to see the ArcMind AI project introduced to the Internet Computer community! I have registered an account and had a play with the AI agent (I should say “my AI agent” ) and it is impressive work. I look forward to trying it out further.

@kinwo you would be very welcome to join the Decentralized AI Working Group (DeAI WG) which has an informal structure but an active group of members, the group community coordinator is @patnorris.
There is a dedicated developer forum thread for the working group, a summary of each meeting is posted there along with other topical discussions: Technical Working Group DeAI - #80 by patnorris
We also converse in this dedicated ICP Developer Community Discord channel Discord
We also meet weekly on Thursday for a voice meeting, the next one is in only 4 hours, so if you can we would all appreciate you dropping in to tell us about ArcMind and your IC vector db implementation (vector dbs have been a live topic of discussion in the WG past two meetings)
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