TaxLint: Your automated tax reporting assistant on IC

Hello everyone.
I’ve seen a lot of guys complaining about the heavy workload of tax returns in the forums before, which made me realize that there was still a gap in services in this area, so I took my partner with me and started to prepare for the development of this area.
After several months of development on IC, I am happy to announce that taxlint is now ready for initial use.
TaxLint is in beta now, and all operations are free, except for gas fees.
Currently, we have supported users to manage multiple wallets, export ICP reports of any wallet with one click, and support automatic import of transaction records of NNS neurons.
TaxLint is designed to help users of ICP to count and manage their tax information more easily.
With TaxLint, users will be able to record, track and calculate tax information related to their transactions and assets in the IC ecosystem.
Our main goal is to provide users in the IC ecosystem with a convenient tax management tool to help them move away from cumbersome manual counting to easier automated counting, thus improving their tax experience and reducing error rates.

What we’ve done

Decentralized, Private, Secure

When using regular virtual currency tax statistics platforms, there are often concerns about whether such centralized platforms can meet the privacy requirements of web3-compliant users.
TaxLint is a 100% on-chain decentralized application, and we are committed to providing our users with a private, secure web3 tax service.

Auto Tax Report

TaxLint is dedicated to reducing the cost of time and improving the user experience for cryptocurrencies on the Internet Computer.
By deploying on-chain automation and smart contracts, TaxLint eliminates the need for users to manually tally their taxes and automatically exports their tax reports at the click of a mouse.


It’s still early phase for taxlint, so it will be updated from time to time, and there is a small chance that the data will be emptied in order to upgrade the data structure.


Store transaction records in a decentralized canister and allow users to manually modify them, like a billing diary.
Support for multiple tokens statistics.
Allow users to filter records by condition.

If you want to make us better, join the discord to advise us: TaxLint
We’re always trying to provide a more user-friendly service to our users, so your suggestions are great!


WOW! About time! Such an amazing project.
Works like a charm. This was SO necesary for the whole ecosystem.
Just tried and have two questions:

  • Does it cover NFT reporting? are you going to add support?
  • When I try to add a neuron it throws me back this error. Is it a bug?

BTW hope you guys get a grant to fully develop it!! This was absolutely necessary for the whole ecosystem.
Cheers and keep up the great work.

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There is an intention to support the NFT, which is a really important part of tax reporting.
For your error, the screenshot isn’t very complete so it’s hard for me to tell what your problem is, I’m guessing it’s an error in your address or that your region doesn’t have access to CoinGecko, which is what we use to pull all the price records for ICP over the last few years.

:grin:Thank you for your support, I think providing people with more convenient tools is a good direction to go

Got it.
Have you got a timeline for SNS tokens and NFT support?
Thank you

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If there is a high call for it, it may be possible to put the NFT stats on a higher priority.
As for when to log in to SNS, the timeline is not clear enough at this point because we don’t have enough features yet.

Its a good start, for this to be useful at all you will need to state the transaction type, also be able to change the currency

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The management of transaction types will be updated later.
Modifying currency types will be updated when the user center goes live.
:smiley:But your reply did remind me about the currency count change does seem to be an important feature

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@dfisher, you are going to love this !


Sent you a direct message !


I am getting this error when I try to log in using Internet Identity. Can you please check?

This thread might help.

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Thanks for testing, we have recently been deploying our domains using IC’s custom domains which may have caused this error but it is now fixed.
Our website can now be accessed at
And the II identity address used will be the same as in

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