TaxLint: automated time-saving tax reporting system with support for ICRC1 tokens

TaxLint aims to help users of the ICP ecosystem more easily track and manage their transaction information, enhancing user experience. Through TaxLint, users will be able to record, track, and calculate tax-related information associated with their transactions and assets within the ICP ecosystem.

Now allows users to select SNS ICRC1 tokens that are already live and import their transaction records and the details of each of them through the Synchronized Transaction Records feature.
We believe that such a feature will save your users more time and reduce tedious operations.
Instead of having to fill out reports manually, the automated one-click report export feature will allow ICP users to experience the rest of the ecosystem in a more relaxed state of mind.
In the future, we will be happy to provide you with more and more convenient functions.

Our Vision

Decentralized, Private, Secure

When using conventional virtual currency tax statistics platforms, people often worry whether such centralized platforms can meet the privacy requirements of web3 users.
TaxLint is a 100% on-chain decentralized application, and we are committed to providing users with a private, secure, and convenient web3 tax service.

What we did.

  • TaxLint now supports transaction record queries for ICP and SNS tokens, and will support custom ICRC1 token queries later.
  • Support users to switch the unit of amount settlement to other legal tender currencies. (This feature is experimental, as the legal tender currency only has the latest exchange rate but not the historical exchange rate, so the calculation of the amount for the historical transaction records will be biased)
  • Support users to manually switch time zones to cope with different regional time.

Note: In order to support ICRC1 tokens, TaxLint now only allows entry of wallets in principal id format, and no longer allows entry of wallets in account id format.


We plan to charge a fee for the report export function after the project experience is perfected, and open the membership function to provide members with more secure and private services.
We have plans to log into SNS to prepare for more privacy for users through decentralization.


  • Support NFT import.
  • Support more tokens, such as custom ICRC1 tokens, support ckbtc, cketh and other tokens.
  • Add more security and privacy for users.
  • Improve the UI and add more details to the official TaxLint website.

Thanks to ICPSwap for token data.
Thanks to Infu’s ICBlast tool, we can call other canisters easily.

Discord: TaxLint


Hey @e274426380. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that you are building this app. You have made nice progress since your last announcement on the forum. Keep up the great work. I hope you are seeking follow up grants that will enable you to add additional features. This kind of app is sorely needed for ICP.

Is there any chance you will be able to integrate with centralized exchanges (e.g. Coinbase) in the future so it will be possible to compile the full transaction history from fiat to crypto to crypto to fiat? If you don’t think you can automate a CEX integration, do you think you can enable uploading transactions into TaxLint from csv formatted files.

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Hello, wpb.
Thanks for the reminder, integrating trade history from exchanges is indeed an important feature, which is something we have overlooked before.
In the future, we will look into how to integrate trade history from CEX and at least support manual uploading of CSV files for complete trade history.

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I tried adding my icp address of NNS, it says expected principal. The address generated by NNS are AccountIdentifier format. How do I import it?

You can choose any SNS token in NNS Website and then you can copy principal id of it for import