(formerly ICP Maximalist Network) - a Proposal to Rename Known Neuron

Register Known Neuron proposal

Neuron Name: (formerly ICP Maximalist Network)
Neuron ID: 4966884161088437903


The ICP Maximalist Network was started with a core vision of promoting growth within the IC ecosystem. Many members of the ICPMN community contribute to that vision every day. A great example is the ICP Maximalist Network neuron, which has been a successful experiment demonstrating how people who care a lot about NNS governance can have a meaningful voice without owning large bags of ICP. The liquid democracy that currently results from our neuron vote has grown, which naturally surfaces unintended politics. It has become evident that the neuron needs to dissociate from the ICP Maximalist brand. The neuron exists to advance decentralization of the internet computer through leadership in governance participation. The ICP Maximalist Network is a brand that seeks growth in the web3 internet computer ecosystem. These are very different missions and we recognize that using the same name creates confusion in the IC community. Today we are excited to announce that the ICPMN neuron is spinning off as its own organization.

We propose that the ICP Maximalist Network neuron should be renamed to the neuron. A synapse is a site of communication between neurons in the nervous system, which seems like an appropriate metaphor. While the voting members and the general mission of the ICPMN neuron are not changing, this rebranding will establish it as a separate organization. All of the voting members of the neuron have collaborated on this transition and see it as a positive change for ICPMN and the IC as a whole.

Our manifesto and voting members are listed on our website You are invited to follow the new Synapse neuron on Twitter and join the conversation on Telegram.


The Voting Members (listed below) of the Synapse neuron are committed to voting in the long term best interest of the Internet Computer. We are a balanced mix of well known IC enthusiasts, investors, developers, and DFINITY Foundation team members. We each bring our own priorities and biases to this neuron and we unapologetically vote on each proposal with our own convictions. Our diversity of thought and background is intended to provide a cross section of the IC ecosystem. Many of us routinely engage with the IC community in discussions about governance topics using a wide variety of social media platforms, but this is not a requirement to be a Voting Member.

The Synapse neuron will be configured with up to 15 Followees for the Governance topic. It is currently configured to follow DFINITY for All Topics Except Governance topic, but we reserve the right to configure Followees for individual topics in the future when we determine that there are suitable experts in the ecosystem. A core principle of this neuron is that it can be trusted to always vote on all proposals. We actively monitor our participation in all Governance proposals to ensure the neuron votes. Anyone can monitor voting patterns of our neuron and individual voting members using the website.

Voting Members

All voting members listed below are currently configured as Followees for the Governance Topic for the Synapse neuron. Visit our website for more information about each individual and our social media links.

Wenzel Bartlett

NeuronID: 8269903528373981952

Bob Bodily

Neuron ID: 12995586854978175822

Brian Galler

Neuron ID: 14857913794892254103

Christian Müller

Neuron ID:7949437292429642200

David Fisher

Neuron ID: 16327204681410622208

Steve Erickson

Neuron ID: 1124742246653679364

Kyle Langham

Neuron ID: 16310791615463810241

Manu Drijvers

Neuron ID: 8191637969740243463

The ICP Maximalist

Neuron ID: 11234902717315940161

Adnan - MonkeyCruise

Neuron ID: 7749742271488644191

Daniel Radu

Neuron ID: 3946849296613344209

Roman I

Neuron ID: 12513174241823836019

NNS Proposal Process

This Register Known Neuron proposal will be submitted from neuron ID 12008772471346176261, which belongs to Wenzel Bartlett and is used for the purpose of submitting NNS proposals. The mechanism for renaming a known neuron is to submit a new Register Known Neuron governance proposal to the NNS using the new name and the same neuron ID that is currently registered. This was first demonstrated when the cycle_dao neuron was renamed to Arthur’s neuron. We will complete our name transition to in two phases. The first step will be to submit a proposal to rename the “ICP Maximalist Network” neuron to the “ (formerly ICP Maximalist Network)” neuron. Approx 3 months later we will submit another NNS proposal to rename again to the “” neuron. The intermediate step will occur so it is obvious that the new name is the same neuron as the old name. We want to give all followers time to recognize that this transition is occurring so they are not surprised when they look at their Followee list and see that the name has changed.


As someone who have always respected and trusted you guys, I shall be voting yes.

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I like the rename, Synapse is really clever.

Is this a hard separation from the ICPMN? Will the ICPMN executive team maintain their veto power for election nominees or will the nomination process be entirely community driven? I’m just trying to understand what is actually happening here beyond the rebranding of the neuron.

Maybe pick a different name, there’s already Synapse bridge in DeFi.

  1. Is (Original) still actively voting on the NNS?
  2. What is (New), has it replaced the (Original) ?

You can look at the voting history of any proposal or the known neuron page on the dashboard and easily see that both neurons vote on all proposals. A description of each can also be found on the dashboard or you can go to our neuron configuration page on the website to see exactly how our Followees are configured. The Original neuron follows the NEW neuron and the NEW neuron follows our voting members. The NEW neuron is managed using the Neuron Management proposal topic while the Original neuron is managed using the NNS dApp. (NEW) neuron description on the dashboard (Original) neuron description on the dashboard

Neuron Configuration page on the website


Thanks for the helpful information just learned something new looked it up.
Been following this neuron.

Everytime i scroll through the dashboard i have to shake my head and think, this is serious - serious stuff.