Sweep prepaid Crypto cards

Dear Dfinity community, I’m sharing a project of mine which just went live. It’s a real life solution for some problems in my country which I personally faced whenever I wanted to buy crypto with fiat, so I decided to create a system that allows me to do that with convenience.
The App allows anyone with a card (think prepaid crypto cards) to sweep a one shot predetermined amount from our smart contract. There are multiple denominations (20, 50, 100, 500 USDT) and each card has a pair of public keys (QR codes) that allow the user to access the app directly from the camera and once on the App, to check the validity of the card they’re purchasing. The next step is to scratch the back of the card to see the private key (QR code) which signs the transaction.
This is built on polygon but I’m using Icns as a URL alternative.
We’re also planning to move to IC once we have the proper expertise in IC programming and when the BTC and ETH key chain integration happens on the IC)
Future features will include reusability for the cards to be used for payments and what not!

The brand name is sweep and hopefully we’re currently starting this from Lebanon.

Thanks for listening. Hope you like it, and please contact me if interested in supporting this idea with material or human resources.