Staking CKtokens

Hey all!

First time actually posting on the forums. A thing I’ve been contemplating is staking CKtokens. What I love about ckBTC and ckETH is that I am able to hold my portfolio on one wallet. Now I’m sure other people sometimes wish they weren’t tempted to sell their holdings, and I have been often staking a token for a short period of time just so I wouldn’t touch it. When SNS1 (Now Dragginz) dropped I was very happy with the dissolve delay of 30 days, because it give incentive to plan accordingly. I’d like to see a feature in the NNS that allows me to stake my CKtokens for a short period of time, say a week or a month, or even a full BTC cycle. Is this something other people are interested in? Curious to hear some thoughts!

I love the idea of being able to stake ck tokens like ckBTC, ckETH and ckPepe on the NNS wallet, but these are not ICP native coins so we have little control of supply, inflation or staking.

There will be a lot of dApps on ICP with innovative ways to create rewards locking up ck assets, for example deriving BTC from pooling funds to buy mining equipment, lending funds to derivatives traders etc

On the internetcomputer org website they list a few Defi dApps although not related to the NNS

At the moment you already have the ability to lock up ck assets at AMMs and receive rewards from the trading of assets, f.ex ckBTC / ckETH. There are also CDP products on ICP (lending protocols) such as DFinance about to go live soon.

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With AMM you mean liquidity pools such as on ICPSwap, correct?

Correct -