Stuck on Installing service worker

Both NNS and nuance are showing me the white installing screen. Dscvr opens fine. I know a new service worker went out or id just wait to report it.

iOS on safari and chrome, AT&T cell network in the US.

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on my IPhone also had the same situation, but every time I quit all running apps and reopen it, it works normally. I also don’t know what is the reason? Is it possible that the IOS operating system has a compatibility problem or is it because of the dapps on the IC???


@diegop has forwarded the info to the team in charge of the sw


It does the same thing for me when I try to launch these app from an article link. I can go on them directly though.

We have been getting reports of the same from our (Nuance) users. FYI.


If you’re stuck on the loading screen and really need to get in, I’ve found that waiting for a second or two and then refreshing the app once or twice (waiting a second or two after each refresh) allows you to eventually brute-force your way in past the bug.

@rckprtr and DSCVR/Taggr found the root cause and solution though :clap: