SOS. Critical problem with ICPSwap!

This might sound stupid but check if there is a software update aveilable for the original device, and do the software update and try again. I remember once it suddenly did not recognize my device II, but after the software update it recognized it again.

I believe that the newly minted tokens will be available on the source SNS1 address and in the same state (in case of staked Neurons), so all should be visible here:

They do not send to addresses on exchanges.

Well it’s not really easy to say which address belongs to an exchange and which not, anyone can generate many accounts - I didn’t actually see any confirmation if the aforementioned PID/Account belongs to ICPSwap, Stoic, Plug or other.

I think the main concern with DEX is to withdraw any SNS1 from LPs, stop trading to ensure atomicity etc.

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I see your point. That is why I am calling for their help. Not sending to current address on ICPSwap so she can have just a bit of her asset.

Maybe a hard factory reset will help.

No, it does not help. It kept going to the new address. Thank you anyway!

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I still don’t believe in the authenticity of this issue because you’re the only one who has encountered it. Could you screenshot and list the evidence that this problem indeed occurred to you?

We screen shot, make clips and sent to their technician from the start. I understand your logic. That is very common thought.

Hola de nuevo, no creo que ayude pero por si acaso, has probado a acceder a través del buscador en modo incógnito?

Hey @ICPSwap
I just noticed that you blocked me on your discord server, my user is Decentralize everything.
I hope it’s just a simple mistake and not done in a bad intention. Would you please explain to me why did that happen?

So sorry, sir. The ban has been revoked. It might have been a mistake by a bot or admin.

Admins don’t ban users randomly unless it’s like advertising postings.

Also, Please feel free to join the ICPSwap Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @ICPSwap_Official

For personalized support please reach out:

You guys blocked me on telegram when I just simply stating the fact my friend lost 650 ICP using ICPSwapp.

@ICPSwap: Just another idea we had on the whole principal issue. Currently, redirects to Has this redirect always been there?
Could @ChauDoan21165 have accessed ICPSwap over HTTP rather than HTTPS?

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Hello, Frederik! Certainly! Yes, the redirect has always been here.