Solid.js IC Starter Template

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone here have a Solid.js IC starter template? I already looks everywhere on the web and still no luck :frowning_face:

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What bundler does solid.js starter app use? Rollup, webpack, vitejs or else?

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Hi @peterparker

How are you? I hope you’re doing great.

The bundler solid.js used is vitejs.


Am a fan of solidjs so maybe ill add it to the list. Should be quite straight forward to port from the react version since its also vite based.

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@Tbd yes add the solidjs please :heart:

All good thanks, what about you?

If solid.js is using vitejs, maybe you can have a look to the SvelteKit sample repo to get started? Both using vitejs under the hood, the setup of the vite.config.ts is probably the same when it comes to loading the canister ids automatically.

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@peterparker all good, thanks for asking :grin:

Wow… I didn’t know that there’s a SvelteKit repo in Dfinity GitHub itself.

I will check that out, thank you as always SpiderMan :heart:

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Thanks to your message I realize that the post script (update.types.mjs) of the SvelteKit sample repo can now be removed and simplified with new dfx options (thread). So I should update the repo when I got 5min, so thanks for the input :+1:

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You’re welcome @peterparker and thank you for your hard work to help the ICP and this community for a better future :heart:

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