Social Graph on Internet Computer like in Lens Protocol?


I just read a bit about Lens Protocol ( There a social graph is build once and a lot of different social media dapps can be build on top of it (a user can bring its followers to a new dapp so less war between the social dapps for new users, it is on Polygon).

I wonder if someone is working on something similar on Internet Computer. I remember someone posted a post where he/she worked on something similar (one canister per user where a user post everything to its own canister …) but can’t find the post anymore. Is it still in progress? And what can you tell us about the functionality and composability and interopability with other chains?
We can also collect some ideas here.

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I have been following this space for sometime and have some preliminary analysis of the landscape , lens, mem and grape.

Let me know your thoughts and we can discuss more. This is a very open ended area as of now

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