SNS Tokenomics Analyzer


  • What It Is: A new tool to simplify the setup and analysis of tokenomics of Service Nervous Systems (SNS) on the Internet Computer (IC).
  • Key Features: Parses SNS launch parameters and offers simulation & visualization.
  • Who It Is For: Aimed at SNS project teams and community members reviewing NNS proposals for SNS launches.

Background & goal

The recent release of the One-Proposal SNS Initialization project has made it easier than ever to launch a SNS on the IC. As a follow-up to this, we aim to offer tools that simplify the analysis of tokenomics for upcoming SNS projects.

Problem Statement

Configuring the launch parameters for an SNS - essentially defining the tokenomics of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) - can be complex. While the SNS framework offers considerable flexibility, for example in areas like initial token distribution and voting power parameters, this flexibility can also make the process challenging. Additionally, information about SNS tokenomics is often redundantly found in multiple places like the SNS init file, tokenomics spreadsheets, and whitepapers.


To address these challenges, the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer aims to achieve the following:

  1. Alignment with One-Proposal Setup: The tool can parse SNS launch parameters from the updated SNS init file format.
  2. Elimination of Information Duplication: The tool is designed to extract relevant parameters directly from the init file or from a submitted SNS proposal, negating the need to re-enter data into separate tokenomics spreadsheets to analyze it.
  3. Simulation & Visualization: To facilitate the review process, the tool incorporates simulation and visualization features.

Target Audience

The tool is intended for teams interested in setting up SNS projects as well as community members who would like to review proposed SNS launch parameters.

Core Features

Already available

  • Token Allocation at Genesis: Provides an overview of the initial token distribution.
  • Voting Power Analysis: Focuses on voting power distribution at the genesis stage.
  • Swap Analysis: Includes aspects like:
    • Minimum and maximum funding targets.
    • The impact of different participation scenarios on the SNS token price.
    • The materiality of direct participation compared to Neurons’ Fund participation.

Planned Features

  • Voting Power Analysis: Robustness against a 51% attack.
  • Consistency Checks: Verification of neuron basket configurations to ensure neuron stakes meet the minimum requirements.
  • Proposal Check: Given a specific init file and a submitted proposal, verification that the SNS launch parameters are consistent.
  • List application canisters under direct SNS control.

Implementation approach

For immediate availability, a Python-based tactical implementation has been developed. The tool can be downloaded from this repository. Disclaimer: This tool is an initial beta version of the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer. Feedback regarding potential limitations and bugs is highly appreciated.

For the strategic set-up, we are currently considering two options for the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer:

  1. Migration to a dedicated canister.
  2. Integration into the IC dashboard.

If you want community feedback on this comment, my vote would be integration into the IC dashboard. This sounds like a really helpful tool.


Please deploy this functionality into the IC Dashboard ser :slight_smile:


A new version of the SNS tokenomics analyzer is now available! :rocket:
Main Changes:

  • Matched funding is now part of the simulation, complete with its own graph to visualize the matching curve :bar_chart:
  • Added new slider to simulate total NF maturity
  • The analyzer got some design love.

Please check it out and experiment with the new features. Feedback is very welcome! :pray:


The SNS Tokenomics Analyzer is now part of the ICP Dashboard.