SNS Tokenomics Analyzer – Now Live on the ICP Dashboard


  • What’s New: The SNS Tokenomics Analyzer is now part of the ICP Dashboard.
  • Key Features: Use sliders to dynamically simulate various SNS tokenomics scenarios, from Neurons’ Fund matched funding to SNS token price projections and more, each adjustment creating a new scenario visualized through charts and gauges.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for SNS project teams and community members looking to understand or evaluate SNS DAO tokenomics configurations.
  • Explore: Start with the preloaded “Rock Out” example or upload an SNS init file to analyze a particular SNS.

Introducing the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer:

We’re excited to announce the release of the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer on the ICP Dashboard, an interactive web-based tool that builds upon the original Python tool of the same name.

With the growing interest in Service Nervous System (SNS) DAO projects on the Internet Computer, it’s more important than ever to have intuitive tools for planning and evaluating SNS tokenomics. The Analyzer is designed to help teams select SNS tokenomics structures and to assist potential participants in evaluating these configurations.

The new Analyzer replaces the original Python version. It’s now a part of the ICP Dashboard, so you can jump straight into analyzing SNS tokenomics without the required setup of the Python tool, making it easier for everyone to access and use. We’d like the ICP Dashboard to be your one stop for SNS information and analysis.

How It Works:

The Analyzer simulates SNS decentralization swap scenarios based on a loaded SNS init file. Here’s how you can dive in:

  1. Start with an Example: An example SNS init file, for a fictional SNS named “Rock Out,” is preloaded for immediate exploration.
  2. Load and Explore: Load an SNS init file. This could be for your own potential SNS, an SNS under community consideration, or even one that’s already launched.
  3. Adjust and Simulate: Use the interactive Select Commitment by Direct Participants and Select Neurons’ Fund Total Maturity sliders to simulate and analyze various tokenomics outcomes.

Insights into SNS Tokenomics:

  • Matched Funding Visualization: On the Neurons’ Fund Matched Funding chart, see how the Neurons’ Fund commitment evolves across direct commitment scenarios.

  • Token Price Insights: The SNS Token Price chart illustrates how the SNS token price increases with greater overall commitment.

  • Valuation and Commitment Overview: Understand the SNS’s total valuation and get an overview of combined commitments from direct participants and the Neurons’ Fund, presented through straightforward gauges.

  • Understanding Commitment and Distribution: Through the three donut charts, explore the breakdown of swap commitments, token distribution, and voting power distribution.

  • SNS Init File: The full SNS init file is displayed at the bottom of the page, showing all of the swap parameters.

Explore the tooltips on the page for more detailed information.

The Importance of This Tool:

As developers and participants in the Internet Computer ecosystem, we know how complex and critical the process of defining tokenomics for SNS DAOs can be. This tool was developed to simplify that complexity. It’s here to help teams working on SNS projects and community members interested in these projects to get a clear view of how different tokenomics scenarios play out. The goal is to make the exploration of SNS tokenomics more transparent and straightforward, supporting informed discussions and decisions within our community.

Looking Ahead:

Next up, we’re adding support for loading a Create Service Nervous System (SNS) proposal. This will complement the existing functionality of loading an SNS init file, making it simpler to review and analyze Create SNS proposals.

GitHub Resources:

For those eager to test the Analyzer with different configurations, here are some GitHub links to existing SNS init files:

Seeking Your Input:

Feedback is key as we continue to refine and enhance the Analyzer’s capabilities. Whether you’re a developer working on an SNS project or a community member evaluating potential SNSs, your insights are invaluable.

Please share your experiences, suggestions, and any challenges you face with the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer.


That’s super cool and useful! Thanks for this @Dylan and @bjoernek!

One small optimization that would be useful is to be able to specify the link to a sns_init.yml as a query parameter, such that one could directly share a link to the tokenomics analyzer with the file already loaded.

Another useful feature for me would be to be able to edit the actual file and see how the changes behave, but not sure if there’s demand for this in general.

Again, great work!


In the latest ICP Dashboard update, we’ve made some significant improvements to the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer.

Data Source Selection

There’s a new Select Data Source button that lets you set SNS decentralization swap parameters in three ways:

  1. By choosing a Create Service Nervous System (SNS) proposal.
  2. By entering the URL of an SNS init file.
  3. By uploading a local SNS init file, which was previously the only option.

URL Sharing

When you select a Create SNS proposal or a URL as the data source, the Analyzer automatically updates its page URL with a “proposal” or “url” parameter. This makes it easy to share specific SNS settings with others.

For example:

XDR-Based Matched Funding

The Analyzer now supports the new XDR-based Neurons’ Fund matched funding thresholds and limits, in addition to the original ICP-based system. A date picker determines which system to use, and a new slider lets you select the 30-day average ICP/XDR rate, adjusting the simulation accordingly. If you choose a Create SNS proposal as the data source, then the appropriate date, ICP/XDR rate, and Neurons’ Fund maturity are automatically selected.