Sns motion proposal requirements

Neurons with at least 10 ICP and 6 months of dissolve delay can submit NNS proposals.

What about Snses? If it differs per Sns, which fields of the Sns aggregator provide the information?

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It differs per SNS and can be defined in the SNS init at SNS launch.

For existing SNSes you can query this information via the method
‘get_nervous_system_parameters’ of the SNS governance canister (look for neuron_minimum_stake_e8s and neuron_minimum_dissolve_delay_to_vote_seconds)


Thanks, Björn, that was what I expected. However, I want to clarify that I have no intention of querying each canister individually. While I found neuron_minimum_stake_e8s in the SNS aggregator answer, there doesn’t appear to be a corresponding neuron_minimum_dissolve_delay_to_vote_seconds field. Do you happen to know which field should be used for this purpose?


I am not sure if I understand what you mean with SNS aggregator.

If you would like to know the minimum dissolve delay per SNS, to my knowledge the only way is to call the respective SNS governance canister (example below when calling the governance canister of OpenChat).

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The SNS aggregator is a canister designed to collect and cache Snses-related information. Notably, it is utilized by the NNS dapp. You can find it there:

Using this aggregator can spare the need to explore multiple canisters individually and can also help sparing cycles and improve performance.

P.S.: I’m not familiar with the canister responses, and I intend to use it in my own project (, hence my inquiry on the forum.

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So, there is no neuron_minimum_dissolve_delay_to_vote_seconds exposed by the SNS aggregator, do you know why? Is the field omitted on purpose or mapped to another name?

For example, Sonic data:

The field was indeed not exposed by the SNS Aggregator. @bitdivine will propose a PR to extend support for this information.

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The proposal to update the aggregator has been submitted.

Proposal: NNS Dapp

You can preview the updated JSON here: For example, for Gold Dao the full JSON includes nervous_system_parameters and that includes neuron_minimum_dissolve_delay_to_vote_seconds.

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