SNS 1 proposal, undefined fields

Hey all, I’m currently working on the new sns 1 proposal process locally.

I’ve defined a handful of fields and then they show up as undefined in the local NNS UI and not at all on the backend sns-governance canister method get_sns_initialization_parameters. I’m using sns-cli 0.2.0 and dfx 0.14.4

Here is the yml that I’m currently working with, if this is a formatting error:

and I’ll also include some screenshots to further illustrate the issue:

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 8.24.51 AM
Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 8.24.59 AM

Hi Mitch,

In our case it looks fine, the fields that are undefined are supposed to be undefined. In particular, neuronsFundInvestmentIcp is filled. We’re using docker and the last sns-cli. Thanks for the help yesterday, we will try your yml and message you back.

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When I run the Seers sns.yml I run into the same issue, for example US is defined in resitricted_countries and it does not appear in the backend method:

If this is not the case on your end, I will attempt to debug my binaries

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Yes, our yml works fine, US is showing up.

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Interesting, so if I run dfx start --clean the restricted countries field now appears as expected.

The neuron fund and start time are undefined locally, I’m wondering if this is by design for testing purposes or if it is a bug?

Solution was to run dfx start --clean and then run sns-testing instructions. I was running dfx nns install prior to sns-testing instructions. This cleared up the error.