Simulating cycle limits on replica

I’ve been experimenting with a number of things and seem to have different cycle limits on ic0 than I do on my local replica. Does anyone have a config or command-line argument that I can start my replica with to enforce the same cycle limits as on ic0?

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I would also like to know about this. I am interested to be able to turn off the cycle limit locally as well, for running many automated tests within a single query or update call

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You used to be able to set gas limits using the standalone replica binary, passing it a .toml config, you could explore the latest options there. It’s in the $(dfx cache show) directory, run it with --sample-config to see a toml file example.

run it with --sample-config to see a toml file example

Do you mean run dfx? I don’t see --sample-config as an option. Maybe you mean replica? How do I run it? I get -bash: replica: command not found when in that directory. Any sample file(.toml) and/or what are the values in production right now? How would I pass this to dfx start? This will be a huge help.