Sims 5 (or "Project Rene") to come. A market to catch for ICP?

Hey @dominicwilliams,

To continue the discussion, I wanted to let you know that Electronic Arts (Maxis) plan a new economic design for their next game : the Sims 5. More precisely, they plan to integrate a marketplace based on a myriad of microtransactions rather than keeping their current model.

As you may know, the sims represent a market of 70 millions of players. The game will be out in a few years, but they are looking for some designer of their next marketplace and monetization now :

ICP could be the perfect “myelin”. How about approaching them to introduce ICP to them ?


While it would be ideal, I’m skeptical that a major corporation like EA would embrace IC at this stage. The platform is still under development and the user base is not yet large enough to appeal to such a large company. However, I’ve been wrong before, so if anyone has the ability to attract EA, by all means, go for it.