Service-worker github and dFinity docs seems not aligned


Concerning service-worker I should update one of my canister.

I restart from the documentation Creating the custom Service Worker and update repo from github dfinity/ic

My problem is that the documentation (31 Jan 2023) is what I had done. On the other hand the content of the repo. gihub and its readme are not aligned there is also a didc command that I do not know and that seems to be a tool but it does not come with dfx.
What is the status?


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Hello @rbolog, sorry that you’ve had this issue with the documentation. I’ll update this. In the meantime, the mapping that you need to update has moved from service-worker/src/sw/http_request.ts to service-worker/src/sw/domains/static.ts.

You don’t need to worry about the didc command, this is documentation needed for developers who are actively working on the service worker. You only need to update the mapping in static and build the service worker with npm run build.

Nathan’s PR to update the docs was just merged. It will be up to date in a few minutes.

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Thank you you are awesome!

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