Saying Canister is out of Cycles but wallet still has balance

I am trying to deploy an app to the ICP Network and am Using motoko. I got free cycles to use as a test but when I try to create a canister it says Canister is out of cycles. When I go to check the balance of my wallet. It returns 2.097 trillion cycles. Why are my cycles unable to be found?

Can you please walk us through which commands you are using?

These are the commands I am using.

It looks like lmoqa-kyaaa-aaaan-ql7eq-cai has already been created. It is an existing canister on mainnet and probably ran out of cycles.

The first time you ran dfx deploy, it probably also ran dfx create which created the canisters. When canisters are created for the first time, an initial amount of cycles from your wallet is transferred to the canisters.

Now that the canister is created, you need to top up the canister with cycles.

What happens when you run:

dfx canister status --network ic name_of_canister

Have you tried to top the canister with cycles first and then deploy again?