Roadmap Update for Week of Sep 6, 2021

Ahoy IC Folks,

It’s been 3 weeks since the roadmap became public, and we have had a successful run-through of an open design process through the NNS in the example of Increase Canister Storage!

Blog post: The Internet Computer’s ‘Increased Canister Storage’ Roadmap Proposal Is Approved

So we are ready to go to the next level and become a bit more multi-threaded as an organization. Here are the biggest changes you will see in the next 7 days:

Projects that will have an open design process via NNS:

We will go from 1 project in discussion to multiple, and hopefully continue to accelerate. Here are the next batch of projects that will be up for discussion.

  1. Canisters can hold ICP
  2. Threshold ECDSA Signatures
  3. Direct integration with Bitcoin

Organizational updates

  1. Opening up threads to the community - While I am still using the Megathread to help funnel feedback to the R&D team in the foundation, I encourage people to now make your own threads on projects as @paulyoung has shown in the following great example: Idempotent egress messages (e.g send an email) - #7 by paulyoung
  2. Continued updates on current projects - Now that Increased Canister Storage has passed, expect some more updates on the implementation of it soon (via @ulan ).

Feedback and things to improve

  • People have been sending feedback via DM, Dev forum, Reddit, Twitter, etc… wanted to thank folks for the help and effort. I will strive to keep up with all the feedback. One piece of feedback that came in this weekend is worth highlighting because I liked the intellectual honesty and the good honest desire to see things improve.
  • While we do read all the feedback on all the threads, I do want to accelerate how many projects we take from “idea” to “proposal” to “implementation”. This is one thing that drives the goal of becoming more multi-threaded as a community.
  • I, Diego, need to do a better job of interacting more within the megathread and letting folks know next steps or status of their requests. This is something lacking and I aim to improve.
  • As we get more clarity, we also need to make the projects become more linear so people understand their rough ordering and timelines. It’s not clear which projects are days away and which are months away from starting or implementation.

Wow an Ahoy IC Folks AND a shout out on the roadmap from my reddit post?

Especially excited for Canisters holding ICP, I know a lot of developers have talked about wanting that, especially for DeFi purposes.
Additionally, the BTC integration I think will blow people’s minds once it’s going.

I love how fast things are moving. In 3 weeks we already have multithreaded proposals and even more developments on the horizon! I think it’s great you are working on the social media aspect but I think a lot of us, especially me, need to just give you guys some time to organize stuff. As you put it, things can be improving in a matter of days or a weeks time.

Great work to everyone working on making everything possible!


When could the Emscripten(emcc) tools be used in DFinity?