Right commands to dissolve a SNS Neuron

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to piece together the right Command to call from neuron_manage to start the process of dissolving a neuron for the SNS-1. Does anyone know the right order of operations for this?

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Has anything spooked you, Rick?

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haha, we have a bunch of users who have their SNS-1 Neuron in their DSCVR account Locked from the original drop and for some reason I’ve been getting a ton of messages that they want to dissolve their neuron… not sure what its related too. Anyone know?

what do you mean exactly?

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So manage_neuronConfigureStartDissolving

Thank you! I swear I ctrl+f dissolve and completely missed it, thank you!

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sorry mate, no idea.


Strange, our users are LOCKING more sns

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Rick check ur nns lmao

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