Rewards fell%50

Rewards fell 50%. Can anyone explain what has happened with that modularity update ? Or there is something else which caused this drastic reward cut ?

Rewards haven’t “fell”, there was a proposal that put an end to the effectiveness of the spam proposals that boosted the A.P.Y. by taken rewards away from inactive participants and given them to active voters. You are now earning the amount that you should have naturally been getting.


Thank you for the quick response.
May I ask what do you mean by “active” and “inactive” voters.
I assume if my neuron follows other neuron it means “inactive”, is that correct?
And to become active I have to vote manually on each proposal ?

Good question. I wrote this wiki page to help explain, but based off your questions it’s clear I need to edit it (as I did not address your doubts in the wiki):

Your neuron gets rewards if it follows a neuron which voted on a proposal or voted itself. No extra credit for voting manually. This means if you follow, you trust the neuron you follow to vote.