Anybody else notice no rewards distributed today, but NNS front says it was?

Today, i haven’t received my Maturity rewards from my neuron, however, the NNS frontend says the last distribution date was July 20, 2023 (today). Has anyone else noticed this?


And on 13 July my neuron received 50% of the usual reward. Next day and since then has been back to 100%.

I do wonder what is going on to cause such variations; it is somewhat concerning.

yes i am going through the same situation and i am very confused what is going on in nns

@Jesse I looked into this.

You only receive voting rewards for proposals that you vote on, and only a single proposal settled on July 20, proposal 123479. The topic of this proposal was SNS & Neurons’ Fund.

If you are relying on following to vote on SNS & Neurons’ Fund proposals, then the neuron(s) that you follow would have had to vote on proposal 123479 in order for you to receive rewards on July 20. Let’s use the ICP Dashboard to see which known neurons did not vote on this proposal.

I suspect that you may be following DFINITY and/or ICA on this proposal topic, and since they did not vote on this proposal, neither did your neuron(s).

As the Maximizing Voting and NNS Rewards wiki page says:

Please note that following does not guarantee full participation. It is possible that the followee neurons may not always vote, so users need to be aware of this risk when selecting neurons to folllow.

Unfortunately no matter how you set up following for your neurons, there’s always a risk that your neurons will not vote, and that you’ll miss out on the rewards for those proposals. This has likely affected all neuron holders at one time or another, as evidenced by the other messages in this thread. You can likely improve this by modifying your following setup, but manual voting is the only way to 100% guarantee that you’ll receive rewards for all proposals.


Thank you for explain

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Due to my setup I didn’t expect this to happen…but you are right. Thank you.

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To help with the manual voting, from my experience it’s simplest, fastest and most efficient to do via OpenChat dApp

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