Reward to 8 years neurons in NNS

Dear ICP community,

People are investing in ICP for long term commitment and holding their ICP in NNS which is good for the growth and price of ICP.

It shows commitment of trust for dfinity.

I think they should be rewarded for long term commitment.

This will bring more participants for long term investment.

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Aren’t we being rewarded with a 15% yield? ~700 basis point spread from the 6 month seems like a very generous reward no?

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:ok_hand: The ecosystem benefits and require short term liquidity and long term investments, the balance there inbetween is a delicate topic :sweat_smile: :hugs:

  • The chain requires liquidity for decentralised finance to flourish and we should aim to find ways to incentivise the creation of liquidity which will allow whales to onboard and infuse billions into our ecosystem.

  • The chain also benefits from long term holders who takes on unproptional risk compared to short term investors. And it is in everyones interest that long term holders are satisfied with their APY in relation to the risk they take, but also in relation to what is given to short term investors.

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True , it’s good

But to bring more investor in 8 year gang this might be more useful.