Request for help: is in Gitcoin Grants Season 19

Hello all! I just bit the bullet and powered through the process to get accepted to Gitcoin Grants Season 19. Go donate and come back and read more:

We’ve all been waiting for more and more ETH interoperability and the tech is getting super close! We also need do some community integration and we hope this initiative will help. We are not shooting for the moon this Season, but we’d love to get as many IC folks up on Gitcoin Passport and contribute (at least a few bucks($10 is a threshold on passport for some solid passport points) to us to place your selves in a good place to contribute to IC based grants in future seasons. With enough momentum, we may even be able to fund an ETH-IC specific round in a place(Managed by a DAO…wouldn’t that be cool?!?) where the etherians will see what we have cooking.

The general process here is 1. Donate from an address you want to be your gitcoin passport address(you get mad points for being an OG, so using a fresh account is not a great idea). 2. Sign up for passport and add as many stamps as you can. Once you get over 16 points your contribution begins to qualify from the matching pool.

Feel free to ask me anything and/or use this thread to trade digital id invites, etc.

A few resources:

How to donate:

All about passport: What is Gitcoin Passport? - Gitcoin support

The kind of stuff we want to fund: Imagine being able to get Passport points for having an 8 year neuron…and then a canister on the IC that ties your Passport to that neuron → Some semblance of proof of humanity. It isn’t people parties or un-syllable yet, but it is a step in the right direction.


A new tweet for you all to help promote: :slight_smile: