[Request for Feedback] Added "ASK AI" button with LLM on this forum

Hey folks,

As of today, we added a chat widget to the forum to help developers looking answers and complement traditional search bar.

This is teh exact same LLM that is on the iinternetcomputer.org website.

I want to hear what people think!

The intent is simple:

  1. usage of the LLM in the internetcomputer.org website has grown significantly in 3 months nad have gotten good feedback
  2. Many visitors in this forum were not aware of the LLM so wanted to make it easier for folks looking for development help

Here ie the button to activate the LLM. It is partly inspired by what I saw in other forums (such as CircleCI: https://discuss.circleci.com/)

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 12.48.15 PM

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How about just create a browser / chrome extension for Ask ICP.AI ?

Good question.

Short answer: Integrating with widget was trivially easy so we took the easy win.

But I am curious about your idea, what were you thinking? you think people will want to install a plugin over going to the site?

Works well

My thinking of having AI assistant as browser extension

  1. Always at hand: The extension is accessible within any web page or application, offering quick access to AI assistance without context switching or navigating to a developer forum website.
  2. Works across tools and environments: The possibility to provide support within code editors, design tools, documentation platforms, and more is not limited to forums alone. It would be nice to witness the AI assistant’s integration with all ICP dApps. For instance, it could also assist in setting up neurons and provide guidance on staking, all seamlessly within the same webpage.
  3. Personalization and Customization Possibility: The AI assistant as an extension opens up the possibility for further development in personalization. Developers can configure the extension to align with their preferences, frequently used tools, and coding style, among other aspects.

This awesome Diego. It’s very useful for people who are doing research on ICP as well. Keep feeding it more ICP data.

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