Release Notes for V0.6.7

Hello everyone!

V0.6.7 of the SDK is now available for download, and it’s a good one! :star_struck:

This release includes the following new features and capabilities:

  • The dfx build command now supports building a specific canister, in addition to building all canisters.

    For example, you can compile the code for a back-end canister without building the canister used for your project’s front-end assets.

    Because of this change to the dfx build command, the --skip-frontend option is no longer needed and has been removed.

  • There are several new dfx identity commands that enable you to create, manage, and switch between different user identities when communicating with the Internet Computer network.

    You can also use a new --identity command-line option to set a specific user context when running dfx commands.

    This new support for multiple identities enables you to test role-based access control for your programs.

  • Updates to the Candid argument parser in dfx canister call include the following user-facing features:

    • Support type annotations when parsing Candid values. For example, you can use the following syntax to specify types: (42: nat8, vec {1;-3;5} : vec int8)

    • Support for pretty-print decoded Candid values:
      --output pp is the default and prints the value in multiple lines.
      --output idl prints the value in a single line.

    • Support for float e notation.

    • Support for Rust-like parsing errors.

  • Key updates for Motoko include the following:

    • Support for polymorphic equality that enables the == and != operators to work on all shareable types.
    • Improvements to catch clashing function and class declarations.
    • Language support to enable canisters to take installation arguments.
    • Optimized backend handling for Bool data types.

Happy coding! :rocket: