Release Notes for V0.5.4

Hello everyone!

V0.5.4 of the SDK is now available for download (and it’s a good one)! :tada:

:gift: What’s new?

  • The Candid web interface now has a “Lucky” button that can generate random values when the input field is empty.
  • Various updates to JS userlib, including:
    • Unit is renamed to Null
    • Support Principal type
    • Support service and function references
  • Motoko now:
    • supports type argument inference for automatic instantiation of type-parametric functions;
    • adds primitive Principal and supporting (binary) Blob types;
    • documents its support for caller identification (using principals) by selective parameterization of shared functions;
    • includes actor references and shared function types as shareable types that can be transmitted across canisters.
  • Native support for Principal type in Candid (IDL).
  • Improvements to language server support.
  • Subcommand --clean of dfx start can be used to clean the state of current project.
    This clears checkpoints in your project and is helpful for starting your project from scratch or debugging.
  • Flags --v, --verbose and --q, --quiet for dfx can be used to toggle across various levels of information provided by messages, as desired.
    These flags affect messages only and not the output or return code of the process. Using the verbose flag twice, for example, will provide DEBUG and TRACE messages, the highest level of verbosity.

:hammer_and_wrench: Issues fixed in this release:

  • Bug fix in stdlib and runtime system.
  • Bug fix for bootstrap load JS of non-latin encoding.