Release Notes for V0.5.2

Hello community!

V0.5.2 of the SDK is now available for download! :nerd_face: :tada:

What’s new?

  • Support for nesting of option values.
    Option type in Javascript now expects a singleton array as value. A none value is represented as [] ; some value is represented as [value] .

  • You can use the dfx bootstrap command to start the bootstrap web server defined in the dfx.json configuration file or specified using command-line options.

  • You can use the -c or --compute-allocation flag for dfx canister install command to specify a canister’s compute allocation as a percentage.
    This is essentially the equivalent of setting CPU allocation for canister execution. In a development environment, you might use this option for testing purposes if you have applications that require multiple canisters.

Issues fixed in this release:

  • The nodemanager process has been removed.
  • Bug fix for slebEncode .