Why DFINITY plans to vote no on NNS dapp upgrade proposal 128096

Dear ICP Community Members,

We want to inform the community that DFINITY has decided to vote to reject the latest NNS dapp upgrade proposal 128096. The reason is that it is not possible to verify the build just following the instructions in the proposal.

While there is nothing wrong with the proposed canister Wasm, because of a change in a dependency outside the nns-dapp repository it is not possible to verify the build with the commit that the release was created at. Thus the instructions in the proposal description’s paragraph “Wasm Verification” are insufficient.

It is still possible to verify the build by running the following commands from the root of the nns-dapp repo:

git fetch # to ensure you have the latest changes.

git checkout "0acac422fb638d148a3d5efff2973127a6c2bed3"


sha256sum nns-dapp.wasm.gz

Compared to the version 7384d1ef16d1a28c309c9dd62c1a8195e8703576 mentioned in the proposal, 0acac422fb638d148a3d5efff2973127a6c2bed3 only contains one small change that fixes the build script.

Thank you,
The NNS team