Question: Possible to donate cycles?

Is it possible to send cycles to a canister that I do not own (3rd party canister)?

For example: OpenChat at one point I believe end of last year abruptly stopped working, turns out it ran out of cycles.

Would any random person be able to top up a canister, and if so, how?

The easiest way is through the NNS UI.

  1. Go to the NNS, login.
  2. Canisters > Create or Link Canister
  3. Link Canister to Account, copy-paste a canister id.
  4. Top up the Canister (Add Cycles).
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Thanks, I actually meant in regards to an external canister I do not control. It seems: dfx ledger top-up did the trick

From within the network, i.e. if you already had cycles, you would call the deposit_cycles function of the management canister with the cycles attached.