Proposal To Upgrade The NNS Dapp

Dear ICP Community,

New proposal to upgrade the NNS dapp can be found here, please consider voting.

Updates include


  • Button to buy ICP with Banxa as the first external provider.


  • Fix docker builds when there is no global config.
  • Fix “Expiration date” countdown label visibility.
  • Optimize nns proposal rendering for small devices.

For more details, you can find the full commit log on the dashboard or in the NNS dapp


Who is the external provider?

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Yeah, this seems like basic info to have before making the proposal. At least who the potential options are. Might be a pass for me.

@chepreghy please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you posted the external provider here. It would be helpful if you were to cross link the other forum topic with this one since they are related and there has been some deliberation already.

Short answer: the external provider seems to be Banxa.


Also, the title of the thread could be changed, so that more community members might consider clicking it.

Not sure why a provider like Banxa should be kept so low key, as it’s partnered with ZKSync, Starknet and most other major protocols/exchanges.

I read both forums and did not see this as it very much lowkey in the comments. It’s quite easy to look over. I already voted based on not having seen this. I’ve thought about this before but it would be nice to be able to change votes before the voting window expires perhaps with a change vote fee.

Thank you all for the feedback, and @wpb for providing the info from the other thread!

It wasn’t intentional to hide the fact that Banxa is the first service provider to be onboarded, but I could have added it here to begin with to make that more obvious. Edited the original post now.


The title is still as generic as it gets.

Why would someone click this topic?