Proposal 129396 to upgrade the NNS dapp

Happy Friday ICP community!

Proposal 129396 to upgrade the NNS dapp just went live, please consider voting. :ballot_box:

Upgrade frontend NNS Dapp canister to commit bd3889900e76710ed44ac1231008a89abb6c4f1c

Wasm sha256 hash: c171de6a4e3f7f999829e5ff16d0757f1d0d0bc1730ca24e0fd0f1657f470fad (

Change Log


  • Order ICP sub-accounts based on balance.


  • Reorder launchpad sections.
  • Improve launchpad card text alignment.
  • Store account data in stable structures instead of on the heap.


  • Deprecate the feature flag ENABLE_ICP_INDEX.
  • Removed get_transactions method from nns-dapp canister.


  • SNS selector gaps.

To build the wasm module yourself and verify its hash, run the following commands from the root of the nns-dapp repo:

git fetch  # to ensure you have the latest changes.
git checkout "bd3889900e76710ed44ac1231008a89abb6c4f1c"
sha256sum nns-dapp.wasm.gz

You may also want to verify the canister arguments. In the proposal they are binary, which is not very readable. Docker provides both binary and text formats and you can verify that the text format corresponds to the binary arg_hex field in the proposal.

cat nns-dapp-arg-mainnet.did
didc encode "$(cat nns-dapp-arg-mainnet.did)"

Can users reorder the launchpad projects by alphabetical order or by topics like depin AI etc

Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap to do a cleanup / overhaul of the launchpad. It can be much improved.

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