Proposal To Reject $Motoko SNS

Opening this thread for those of us whom are being censored in the OP - Upcoming SNS DAO for $MOTOKO.

State your case below.


At least 3 of my comments in the OP were censored:

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 06.54.03

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Forum user “Newtolearn” was the first to point out that the $motoko SNS proposal was AI generated:

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 07.20.44

All the posts from “Newtolearn” have been removed from the OP.

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Please just tell me why can not using AI? AI is for helping us, No? Why are you so angry to a project that want to be a DAO? They rug you? You can vote no by yourself, I can vote YES since I believe it and I use real $ICP to buy real $motoko.


Using AI is much better than some guys that did bad thing such as making a coin on icpswap or sonic and attract ppl to trade and then run away. That really hurts the community.


That is a great new lfg​:fire::fire:

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I mean, maybe an AI could have written it but I could also see a human writing it.

I can vouch for it being legitimate though. I have DMs with the people behind the original $MOTOKO launch and they made this proposal.


Also, there may be some misunderstanding.

The SNS parameters basically mean there is no fundraise, it’s just being done to give the existing $MOTOKO tokens the ability to take over the management of their own canisters, and that’s basically it.

It hurts no one and does almost nothing, so I’m not sure what reason anyone would have for opposing it.


I have ample evidence to the contrary which I can provide if the moderators allow it. You can find some of my points in the official Motoko Discord. Start here and read the posts from “ICP Investor”.

Who are the people behind the original $Motoko launch that you are vouching for?


My entire account as banned and all of my documentation gone because I disagree with Twitter influencers Accumulatingicp and Bobby o creating their own motoko token and sending it to the sns for no purpose. It was the follow up to the stack token project which was a direct rip off of sneed dao.


Which account was banned?

Why are you in opposition to the $Motoko SNS?

What documentation/evidence do you have to support your position?

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Exhibit A - @Accumulating.icp Front Running the $motoko Token Announcement:

accumulating.icp is the owner of the wallet - ‘stacking.icp’:

For 1.5 years the wallet had minimal trading volume. Then 2 weeks before the $motoko announcement, the wallet suddenly woke up:

What was accumulatingICP buying 2 weeks before the token announcement?

What was accumulatingICP buying 1 week before the token announcement?

What was accumulatingICP buying hours before the token announcement?

Huge amounts of motoko NFT’s, 28 in total.

After a largely dormant wallet for 1.5 years, how did accumulatingICP time the token announcement to perfection?


Let me get this straight.
You are attempting to dox an unknown wallet and just claim it is his.

You wont even dox your wallet to prove you hold a stake in motoko.

You’re issue is personal with accumulating and has nothing to do with the sns sale.

Which by the way the sns sale cost the community 0 icp.


The wallet ‘stacking.icp’ belongs to @Accumulating.icp. This is his PFP, isn’t it?

@Accumulating.icp has yet to respond to any of my evidence. I will post exhibit B if he does not wish to rebut exhibit A.

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How can someone reply when they’re already caught red-handed lol?
No one should be disillusioned into thinking that this is an altruistic project meant for the good of the IC community.
Apart from taking over the Motoko name, the big price in my opinion is the Motoko Royalties wallet which contains almost 9k ICP (currently worth just under $160k) at the moment, and counting.
The usual suspects even proposed a Motoko NFT marketplace all in a bid to take over this royalty wallet.
This all stinks in my opinion.
Wallet address is df45aa9740ce7998a13da95d5fa67335882393562f2cd8f67e8fdeb9cac86db2

Dfinity did not handle the whole $MOTOKO token situation well and Jon is just being pushed along into all of this because they know that he means well for the ICP community. The token should have been a simple drop to all Motoko NFT holder wallets, rather than the mess which we witnessed.


There was even an announcement on X stating that Memecake NFT marketplace was rebranding to Motoko Market. I mean, why so much desperation?

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@aiv has vouched for the parties involved. I’m giving him/them a fair chance to rebut before moving forward with the evidence.

accumulating.icp should give an explanation if he intentionally siphoned off the user’s money this would be fraudulent

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@Accumulating.icp is refusing to respond. I opened this thread because he censored 6 of my comments in the OP. @aiv said he vouches for them. I’m waiting to hear more before I proceed.

This is the issue at hand.

There is a small cabal trying take control of motoko. They don’t even code lol.