Proposal for marketing: "The InternetComputer is a CryptoCloud"


I would like to propose an additional marketing term for the ICP, or at the very least, get some broader recognition for this concept, especially from Dfinity.

I have thought about this a lot, though I came to this symbol almost immediately after I discovered the ICP project 2 days before Genesis. My most condensed signal symbol for ICP was and still is CryptoCloud. Before I explain further, a few words of caution.

  • my proposal is to add to/ enrich the network brand, not replace existing work
  • marketing is about knowing the customer, and that means potentially very different ways to explain your product. I don’t claim CryptoCloud is the best explanation for all (just like WorldComputer is not for everyone). As a former full-stack cloud engineer (working with “private cloud compute”), ICP immediately clicked with me and it became apparent that it is a CryptoCloud (applying crypto to cloud making it “public cloud compute”). I think Web2 engineers would resonate with this and I also think crypto natives might have fewer defenses against this wording compared to the WorldComputer.

But why CryptoCloud?

I have written a short trilogy on this, but I’ll provide a quick overview in this post.

My core value (from the essence of the Integral Wizard unitive archetype) for the ICP ecosystem is to unite. That’s what I do best - I connect on every level. I’m drawn toward the unification of those two massive terms for good reason. Crypto is DEEP, cloud is POWERFUL, put together, they are something never before possible. CryptoCloud is a new sector/ new technology/ new possibility - a unification of the old and the new.

CryptoCloud is a clear signal that unites Web2 (cloud - the engine that powers the web) and Web3 (crypto ethos - the core principles of a new alternative approach). In many ways, ICP completes the crypto baselayer game (that is, a global base protocol for general-purpose dApps that is capable of honoring the crypto core principles - ownership, transparency, freedom).

ICP uses what works from the past (btw saying cloud works is an understatement. Practically all software is powered by the cloud) and rebuilds it from the ground up. While the early crypto experiments separated from the past (for understandable reasons), we come full circle. We unite the best of Web2 and Web3, and that’s enough to trigger the reimagination of the Internet.

There are also subtler reasons for using this symbol. CryptoCloud is a meme-rich symbol to describe, explain, and visualize which further enables us to enrich the already existing brand. It is deep, powerful, and beautiful. :pray:

The InternetComputer is a CryptoCloud is a WorldComputer


I appreciate the hard work and consideration you put into this. I’ve even utilized it a few times since you shared it with me months ago. I think the term aligns well with what IC stands for and, as you mentioned, can complement the current terms we use. I’m a fan of community initiatives like this, which foster a culture where solutions don’t always come from a single authoritative source. I plan on using the term “crypto cloud” more often and hope Dfinity and the community will recognize and adopt it as well.