Changing ICP tokens to a more brandable name

Bitcoin and Ethereum sound more like actual currencies, as if they are real objects, albeit incorporeal ones. “ICP tokens” doesn’t sound like anything and doesn’t elicit the same response Bitcoin and Ethereum do. Branding and functionality compliment each other and I think we should come up with a more recognizable name for the native token of the ICP.


I’m actually in support of this as well. I’ve always felt that a rebranded token name would be in order someday. I’d like to add that we should still keep ICP (internet computer protocol) as a sort of nomenclature for the network itself, but the token itself should be entirely rebranded. It’s a little exhausting having to differentiate ourselves from insane clown posse everytime we give an elevator speech. I agree too that ICP is an odd name for a currency even one that underpins a network. “Hello that will be 5 internet computer protocols sir”.

If the crypto $ION wasn’t already taken it would make a great name for the rebranded ICP token. It relates to how the entire network of ICP being composed of neurons and canisters all communicating with eachother. In neurochemistry Ions are the electrical impulses that fire between neurons. Maybe something in that vein could make a good rebranded currency name?

ICP sounds perfect to me


Sure, let’s rebrand ICP to iCoin and maybe even Apple will start to use it :heart_eyes:

:sweat_smile: Just joking, I’m perfectly fine with ICP :innocent:

And btw, there already was a renaming (Temperature Check) discussion/proposal:

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Let’s rename ICP to ROBUX finally