Proposal for(another) Distributed Cloud

I am applying for a $5k Developer Grant.

The project is an attempt at creating a decentralised cloud using IoT/Smart devices as its server infrastructure. The part of the project that uses the IC uses it as a proxy, arbiter and manager of these devices.

The viability of the project is more of a tradeoff between the cost of http-outcalls vs cycles used to run a program natively. The project leans towards http-outcalls. I’m threading this fine line but the research is so far interesting and it’s proving to be a fun build. Technologies used are Rust, WebAssembly, wapc protocol and the IC CDK. Help in form of PRs/Issues/Suggestions or even emails are welcomed :slight_smile:

Please review my application and discuss! See DFINITY’s directions for becoming a registered reviewer here. They will be collected by DFINITY. When one week passes, DFINITY will release them and they will appear as a new section on this post.

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I’m looking forward to everyone’s input!

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I will work on having a document that explains what the project is and how it functions in detail and link it here.
I will also take time to prepare detailed milestones for the project.
Finally, I will prepare a usage demo after some development. This should be by the end of June.

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As mentioned in the reviews, the proposal is too vague to be considered, but the topic is certainly interesting and underexplored. The grants committee decided to decline this application for now, but we are open to review a refined application when you are ready.