Proposal 129080 to upgrade the NNS dapp

Happy Friday ICP community!

Proposal 129080 to upgrade the NNS dapp just went live, please consider voting. :ballot_box:

Change Log


  • Tooltip with exact voting power in voting card.


  • Sort neurons by decreasing dissolve delay when stakes are equal.
  • Make the progress bar on the swap page straight instead of rounded.


  • Fixed duplicate tooltip IDs to be unique.
  • Redirect to accounts page after signing in on wallet page with incorrect account identifier.
  • Make sure IdentifierHash uses a unique id and aria-describedby attribute.
  • Place tooltip in document body to avoid overflow issues.
  • Align “Nervous System” and universe title on the neurons tab.

To build the wasm module yourself and verify its hash, run the following commands from the root of the nns-dapp repo:

git fetch  # to ensure you have the latest changes.
git checkout "c8ee0bb0e728d72ad0af6e7c0ded73fff754f18f"
sha256sum nns-dapp.wasm.gz

You may also want to verify the canister arguments. In the proposal they are binary, which is not very readable. Docker provides both binary and text formats and you can verify that the text format corresponds to the binary arg_hex field in the proposal.

cat nns-dapp-arg-mainnet.did
didc encode "$(cat nns-dapp-arg-mainnet.did)"

The vote has passed, but there are no changes on the NNS DAPP?