Principal ID on public

I have a question about Principal ID. It seems that there was a bug in the faucet of this cycles and the procedure was completed before setting the wallet ID. When I inquired via twitter, Fleek replied that I should send them my principal ID. principal ID is a user ID on the network so I understand that there is no problem to publish it, but is there any problem to reply the principal ID by DM for sure?

Good point, I don’t think it is clear from the docs (we will update that).

Your Principal ID is safe to share (meaning that no one can access your ICP or neurons with it) analogous to a Public Key… the only downside in sharing is that you have associated your real persona with that Principal, but it sounds like that is not your concern.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. The analogy was easy to understand and I understood it well.The problem is that the principal ID is tied to the individual. I’ll try not to publicize it as much as possible.

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