Prepare-canisters calling local network

When I run:

dfx sns prepare-canisters add-nns-root bboqb-jiaaa-aaaal-qb6ea-cai

I get the following error, like it’s trying to deploy to my local network but the command line doesn’t accept a network flag:

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Please check your identity. use the same identity with which you deploy the canister

dfx use <identity>

check this also

dfx canister status <canister id>

or use this command

dfx canister --network local update-settings --add-controller r7inp-6aaaa-aaaaa-aaabq-cai <canister-id>


Thanks for getting back to me, yeah I was able to manually add the controller with the dfx canister command I was more wanting to run sns prepare-canisters so I could be sure that sns propose-sns would work.

I tried with both users I have on my system and I get the same error:

Any help appreciated.