Potential service monetization model

I was thinking about what monetization models that would be best to incentivize the sharing of modular services and I I think I have a pretty decent idea.

Being that everything will run on the same platform, speak the same language, and the pricing model allows for consistent usage-based pricing there’s an interesting model I’m not sure has been addressed.

Say one user develops a service and wants to make it available to other canisters… they could allow another DAPP to use their shared methods without having to worry about throttling and abuse if the canisters Cycle Wallet / payment system could be set up to allow for the required opt-in payment of cycles by the client canister integrating with the service.

Being that the pricing is based exactly on usage, service prices could be competitive and profits predictable with virtually no risk of mis-forecasting the cost of resources. Imagine a small fixed percent amount extra of the raw cycle cost getting sent as payment to the person/canister hosting the service from the client canisters cycle wallet.