Bringing off-chain data on-chain reliably

I’m interested in oracles and how different blockchains plan on implementing them and the various use cases. With Dfinity, I don’t see any discussion yet on this topic other than a short reddit post from a couple years ago ( Is there a better resource/link for me to read about Dfinity’s plan for oracles? If not, hopefully starting this conversation can get that discussion going.


No public resources on this but a welcome topic for discussion. Do you have any thoughts on other chains’ oracles? Any solutions in particular that seem good choices?

I’ve been impressed with the work that Chainlink has done. They seem to have a strong team and are exclusively focused on building a robust network of oracle feeds. They are currently on the Ethereum mainnet but they have stated that long term their goal is to have their middleware be blockchain agnostic. For those interested you can read more here:

Their founder has made mention that while they are currently producing price reference feeds ( he sees the long term vision as an oracle network servicing IoT data, derivatives contracts, insurance smart contracts and many other industries. That type of thinking seems to align well with the Dfinity goals.