PayString and the Identity Registry: A New Era of Decentralized Payment with NFTs on the Internet Computer

I am writing this post today to talk about something truly exciting and groundbreaking. I’d like to introduce you to PayString and the Identity Registry, a transformative project we’ve been working on that brings decentralized payment solutions to the Internet Computer.

What is PayString?

PayString is a free and open standard that provides a common protocol for payment networks. In other words, it is a universal payment identifier that makes sending and receiving money as simple as sharing an email address. It is designed to make transactions simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. With PayString, your payment information is condensed into a simple, readable string, like alice$ This universal payment identifier can be used across any payment network or currency, whether fiat or digital.

How does the Identity Registry fit in?

The Identity Registry is our cutting-edge decentralized PayString NFT provider built on top of the Internet Computer. It is essentially a global registry where each PayString is a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Here’s how it works: When a user creates a PayString, they effectively mint a new NFT. This NFT represents the PayString, and only the owner of the NFT can modify its associated metadata, such as the payment addresses linked to the PayString. Essentially, the PayString becomes a unique, non-fungible token in the user’s wallet, representing their digital identity across payment networks.

Why the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer is an open, public blockchain that is incredibly scalable and efficient, offering smart contract functionality at web speed, with unbounded capacity. By building the Identity Registry on the Internet Computer, we can ensure our solution is secure, transparent, and resilient.

This design not only provides stronger ownership guarantees for the user but also creates interesting possibilities, such as transferring, selling, or even renting PayStrings. Users can easily manage multiple PayStrings, allowing one person to maintain multiple identities or a company to manage PayStrings for its entire workforce.

Our ultimate goal with the Identity Registry is to harness the power of the Internet Computer to give users absolute control over their digital payment identities while also ensuring interoperability and flexibility.

We believe this is a significant step forward in improving online payments and fostering a more inclusive and efficient global financial system. We are excited to be part of this transformative journey and look forward to seeing the innovative ways developers and users will utilize these tools.

Please feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts. We’re more than happy to engage in meaningful discussions.


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Cool, even if I don’t really like the “$” symbol. I would have prefered any symbol, # & ^ * ° § except $

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Awesome product. Congratulations Registry team, and all the best for the ongoing LBP.

Hi @AlliDoizCode ,
Is this live?

This looks interesting @AlliDoizCode, maybe consider joining the Technical Working Group: Naming System, the first meeting is happening next Thursday at 10 am CET. There’s also the discord channel for the working group.

Creating the standards for wallet discoverability from a unique name is one of the topics that the Chain Name System (CNS) should help to enable, and maybe PayString could somewhat leverage that for the wallet discoverability.