Origyn OGY - where to store it, where to stake it?

Hello -

i bought some OGY and I am wondering where I should store them safely. I can not put them in the NNS.
So there is no way to stake them against inflation?

Should I let them rest on the DEX address or shall I put them on my principle address?

  • thank you in advance

Probably a Scam. The dashboard that includes staking is at governance.origyn.network. You can log in with your II.

yes, skilesare,
i think so, too now. shall i delete it?
i was looking for a way to flag him for sending me that DM. But i could not find a way to report him, so i posted it here and flagged my own post for scamming.

thank you for your OGY solution!

btw, EstateDAO and OGY are kind of doing the same thing, right?

only the EstateDAO coin is useless, worthless, because it does not let me own, possess any EstateNFTs automatically by holding it, right?

And with OGY i directly, automatically …well, what accually do i get by holding OGY? Do you know that?